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Metal, sends off rational and modern breath in softness of cold and seems to deposit at this moment. It always can bring designer, artist and architect with new creative afflatus. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet brings the renovation and leap in sanitary ware through the exertion of refined steel technology and molding technique. What it creates is not only the renovation of material but also is the exertion of metallic artistic exhibition and practicability! Stainless steel bathroom cabinet, a kind of brand new product, which overturns the traditional sanitary ware concept, has been presented before people's eye.

In 2008 a new-generation stainless steel bathroom cabinet has attracted the eye of many experts on the building material exposition in domestic. At the end of the same year, this product has been well sold in market and many manufacturers join into the competition team. Weixing is the first to put out marketing policy of thematic product. Its skilled designers and outstanding marketing team have accurately mapped out complete set of product route and market consumption idea through sufficient research and analysis to domestic and international market and have been well received by customers.

Weixing company always believes that only product is enduring. On the future road, it needs more innovative capability and vitality. We apply stainless steel material element into new product is not only the simple creation but also endows product a kind of connotation upgrade and the expression of technological modeling! 

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